• March 17, 2023

How to share a Twitter video without RT

How to share a Twitter video without RTing it ?

Most often, users retweet the original message with the videos they liked on Twitter. However, this method can create a discrepancy with the meaning that everyone attributes to shared content. To avoid misunderstandings, the network allows you to share a video without necessarily retweeting it (RT).

You can then integrate it into your own tweet by quoting the original publication and uploading it.

How to quote a video on Twitter without uploading it

You can easily share a video on Twitter without having uploaded it yourself. The process is possible from an Android, an iPhone or a web browser on PC. You only need to credit the person who uploaded and published the media in the first place. To perform this operation on a computer:

  • Log in to your account on the official Twitter website;
  • Find the tweet featuring the video you plan to share;
  • From this interface, press Share ;
  • Click on the “Copy Link to Tweet” option to save this URL to the clipboard ;
  • Go back to the home page of the platform, then write your tweet in the text box provided;
  • Paste the previously saved URL (right click, then Paste or keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + V on Windows and Cmd + P on a Mac) ;
  • Add ” / video / 1 ” at the end of the pasted URL;
  • To finalize the post, press the “Tweet” button.

You have now published your own tweet integrating the video taken on Twitter. Your followers can also check out the original user’s account by following the link below the video.

From Android

Android is undoubtedly the most used mobile OS on the market. Thus, this operating system is often a victim of shadowban Twitter . However, this problem has nothing to do with the way the program works. It is rather a level of exposure that can be explained and relativized by statistics.

Anyway, all you have to do is follow some simple steps to share a Twitter video on Android.

  • Launch the Twitter application on your Android smartphone or tablet ;
  • Look for the tweet with the embedded video;
  • Click on the Share button, located under “Retweets” and “Likes.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Copy link to Tweet” to save the URL in the clipboard of the mobile;
  • Go back to the home interface of the Twitter app;
  • Press Compose at the bottom right of the screen;
  • Write your tweet, then paste the previous URL into the video by choosing “Paste” in the contextual menu or by leaving your finger on the screen ;
  • Press the screen to place the cursor at the end of the URL;
  • Type, then put ” / video / 1 ” at the end of the URL;
  • Click “Tweet” to confirm the post.

With this approach, your followers will not see the original tweet directly and will stay focused on your message. They will still be able to find this post through the “From” link citing the user who uploaded the video.

From iPhone

Sharing video without retweeting is especially easy from an iPhone. Indeed, you will not have to perform some steps that are essential on an Android and on a computer. Simply:

  • Open the Twitter application for iOS on the iPhone;
  • To find the tweet including the desired video;
  • Place and hold your finger on the video;
  • Press “Tweet video” in the contextual menu displayed;
  • To write your tweet and make sure that the URL of the original message has been added to the text field.
  • To click on the “Tweet” button to share your tweet and the chosen video on the platform.

You have shared the video of a third party tweet with your followers. When viewing this message, you will see a link entitled “From” under the video frame. Your followers will be able to quickly find the Twitter profile of the original uploader.