• March 17, 2023

How to monetize your YouTube channel

How to monetize your YouTube channel ?

Youtubers are now numerous around the world. Specifically, they are content creators for the video sharing platform. This term also implies that they earn money on YouTube. However, the site has certain conditions to be able to earn money with videos.

You must therefore meet these different criteria before monetizing your YouTube channel.

Monetize your YouTube channel: what does it mean? 

The fact that monetize your YouTube channel is to generate revenue through the videos broadcast on the platform. However, it is not really about selling the content, like on online image banks. The idea is to earn money from published videos.

Earnings can come from advertising, sponsorship, subscriber donations, product sales, etc.

By monetizing your channel, you will be paid in return for your support to your partners or for certain user behaviors. You receive, for example, a share of the advertising revenue, when a user views a video containing a promotional ad. You can also receive money in the form of a donation if a subscriber uses Super Chat on a live comment stream.

You will be paid by the YouTube platform itself, thanks to the number of views of videos with ads. In this case, your earnings will basically depend on the CPM (cost per thousand) and CPC (cost per click) of the site. However, it is possible to optimize the potential remuneration by using the site acheter-des-vues.fr to increase your number of views.

You will be able to boost your notoriety, because these views will increase the visibility of your video and your YouTube channel.

How to do it ?

Prior toconsider monetizing your YouTube channel, It is important to evaluate the basic idea, approach and objective of the channel. Content is indeed your first ally on the platform. Moreover, famous Youtubers have distinguished themselves thanks to their concept, their tone or their atypical personality.

These points can be assimilated to the quality of the product and service, in the traditional trade.

On the other hand, access to monetization features is conditioned by your eligibility to the YouTube Partner Program. This is a mandatory requirement for content creators wishing to earn money on the site. To be eligible, you need to know the following

  • Be at least 13 years old;
  • Gather at least 1,000 subscribers;
  • Accumulate at least 4,000 hours of views during the previous 12 months;
  • Have a minimum of 20,000 views on the channel;
  • Have an AdSense account, to be set up to be associated with YouTube.

In short, you must respect the terms of use of the platform and the AdSense functionality. Your channel is also supposed to have good online visibility. As a general rule, the site team will respond within a month of sending your request.

You will be able to use the monetization options, after the notification of the acceptance of your membership.

How do I do it?

How much can you earn on YouTube ?

A content creator can making money, as soon as you are allowed to monetize your YouTube channel. However, the potential gains do not depend directly on your online notoriety, as on social networks . They are based on various factors such as the number of subscribers and video views. Compensation is also based on affiliations, sponsorship agreements, advertising revenue, merchandise sales..

In addition, you will not really be paid by the number of views of your videos, but by the number of times you watch the ads. You need to take care of the content associated with your sponsors' and partners' ads. As an indication, the cost per thousand varies on average between 0.5 and 6 dollars on YouTube. This system allows you to earn up to 500 dollars per week, according to Sean Cannell, co-author of the book YouTube Secrets.

That said, you must choose your niche and your target audience carefully.

You will also need pay attention to the number of likes of your videos. Indeed, these indicators are not immediately convertible into money. However, they influence the site's algorithm and will improve the visibility of your channel.

The more your content is liked, the more it will be recommended to Internet users who like similar videos. You will increase the number of views and subscribers of your channel. Logically, you will be able to optimize the income that can be generated by this channel.