• March 9, 2023

Nokia two phones have received certification Android Enterprise Recommendation

Nokia: two phones have received the Android Enterprise Recommendation certification

The news has just been released. The “Android Enterprise Recommendation” certification comes from’The netiquette can be attributed to two Nokia cell phones. The latter, which are highly recommended in the world of telephony, are smartphones compatible with “Android Enterprise”.

Nokia has a strong position in the phone market

Just like other cell phone models, Nokia smartphones often benefit from the latest Android updates. A recent announcement has’be officially revealed to the general public. Two Nokia smartphones have been certified as “Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) certification

This seal of approval is’approval entitled Android Enterprise Recommended, also known as the’s name of “AER”, is more than’a label. It highlights devices or service providers that meet the strict criteria set by Google for business needs.

In’In other words, it’In other words, it’devices and services validated by the giant Google. Overall, the’The AER label allows professionals to deploy AER-labeled mobile devices with confidence in their business or company.

Thanks to the “Android Enterprise Recommended” label, owners of the labeled smartphone will receive regular security patches, as well as important updates to install.

Two Nokia models stand out

The Nokia 5.4 and the Nokia 8.3 5G come from’be certified by the “AER” label. We take a look at these two phones that stand out among the others designed by the brand.

The Nokia 5.4

The Nokia 5.4 is a phone that runs on the’Android 10 operation. The latter is powered by the Snapdragon 662 combined with 4 GB of RAM. It is endowed with’a 6.39-inch HD+ display, as well as a’a battery of’about 4,000 mAh.

Its four-camera system consists of: an ultra-wide 5 MP shooter, a 48 MP camera, but also, two 2 MP sensors intended for macro photos and depth detection.

The Nokia 8.3 5G

The deployment of the Nokia 8.3 5G s’is recently completed. This one works with the Android 11 update. This phone model is powered by the Snapdragon 765G chipset. It has a large FHD LCD screen of over 6.81 inches and a’a perforated selfie camera.

It also has 8GB and 128GB of additional storage.

In addition, its four-camera array consists of a 64 MP camera, a 12 MP ultra-wide camera and two 2 MP cameras with functions for depth sensing and macro shooting.

All in all, these two Nokia models are a huge success with users