• March 1, 2023

Sodar, the augmented reality tool from Google, to maintain social distances

Sodar: the’Google’s augmented reality tool to maintain social distance

Respect a certain distance between each individual to avoid the spread of the virus. “An obvious advice that was repeated to us many times, following the lockdown. However, this type of behavior is not natural and our conscience is not used to keeping a permanent control on the space that separates us from others.

To help us, Google has launched the Sodar project.

L’target ? Fighting against Covid-19

Launched this Friday, May 29, and entirely free, Sodar uses augmented reality to display, in real time, a radius of two meters around the user. A unique feature to allow us to always have a watchful eye on those around us. Through the camera of our phone, the program shows the distance to be respected, in the form of a white circle, incorporated on the reality. Only accessible on Chrome or Android, Sodar confirms the willingness of Google to offer its services, for a better management of the pandemic.

It has been developed by ” Experiments with Google “which includes all projects dedicated exclusively to the fight against Covid-19.

How the’use ?

To download it, nothing could be simpler: just go to the official website, directly from your phone or by scanning the QR code that appears on your computer. You will then have to click on the button ” Launch “. At launch, the program will ask you for permission to access your camera, a requirement, before going to full screen. To calibrate the tool, you will then have to point the sensor of your smartphone downwards and make small movements so that it can distinguish the ground. An area of two meters, delimited by white dots, will then appear around you.

The result is quite surprising, and it allows you to quickly realize the magnitude of such a distance. When you move, the’tool will permanently follow your progress.

Sodar can be used occasionally, in shops for example, to help respecting distances, even if we can’t imagine using it in the middle of the street, when we travel. In any case, Google’s approach is to be congratulated, and we advise you to test the program at home, in order to realize the’importance of social distances !