• February 27, 2023

How to save energy in the workplace News-EN

How to save energy in your company ?

How to save energy in the company?

In the fight against energy waste and the pollution it causes, companies have an important role to play. In addition, they have everything to gain since the integration of easy-to-implement behaviors would allow them to make significant savings. Here are a few ways to reduce your company’s energy consumption.

Switching off appliances at off-peak times

For a business, making energy savings is simplified by the fact that offices are usually occupied during the day. It is therefore quite simple to reduce lighting to reduce consumption. However, if the appliances continue to run overnight, this consumes energy.

That’s why it is interesting to ensure that certain energy-consuming equipment, such as a water heater for example, is turned off at night. To do this, the installation of a simple RS Components contactor will allow you to automatically cut the power supply of any device without you even having to think about it.

Finally, don’t forget that you are required by law to turn off your company’s exterior lights after 1 a.m. You can even turn them off when the office is empty.

Adjusting the indoor temperature

In winter, most offices are overheated. In the summer, they are too air-conditioned. This situation is very expensive for companies and the planet. However, all studies are clear on the subject.

The ideal temperature for working is 19°C in winter. Of course, it is possible to bear higher temperatures in summer.

When the office is empty, it is advisable not to do anything: paint, use the time to lowering the temperature below 8°C to avoid damage to electronic devices and humidity. When offices are empty for less than three days, it is advisable not to go below 16 °C. Indeed, it would consume a lot to have to warm up to 19°C if the temperature drops too much every night.

Limit the use of e-mails

We don’t think about it much, but e-mails also consume and pollute. Most large companies have their own servers to host their employees‘ email addresses. As a result, intensive use weighs heavily on the company’s consumption and bill.

Good habits in this matter will lead to savings.

For this reason, it is enough to encourage people not to send heavy attachments. In this case, it is better to turn to a USB key. Employees should also be invited to sort out their waste.

Finally, it is possible to create a virtuous circle by using the heat of the servers to heat the water of the company’s radiators. This is a process that is still not very common, but it allows you to avoid cooling your servers and limits your heating bill.