• February 20, 2023

How to make a perfect resume to find a job

How to make a perfect resume to find a job

Not knowing how to make a perfect resume often leads us to many head eaters. Such as: I will have to add to my experience the job of cashier in Zara, I speak English but I have not been able to find a job in the United States’You don’t have a degree that will help you find a job’The most important thing about a resume is that it should be clear and concise ? j’I have helped in the job market’family business this year in the summer, I don’t know if this experience interests companies.

Doubts we all had before we started sending our cover letters to companies. In this article, I’explain what is relevant and what is not’It’s not interesting to add when you send a resume to Slack’s business in your sector. This m’It has helped a lot to find a job as a WordPress web designer.

How to write the perfect resume to get a job

The most important thing about this part is to analyze the business plan’a Perfect Curriculum is that’it attracts the’the attention of the person asking you, which is attractive or different. I will try to give you all the tips to write a resume that will make you stand out from the others. The resume is a fundamental and main tool when you are looking for a job’it s’It’s about finding a job. C’is the first thing that the “Human Resources” person will see about your work style and experience.

J’have the’Although you are used to seeing a lot of resumes from other companies, they are not always the same’students at the’I know what details companies are looking for and what they are looking for in their resumes’they are waiting for’a Professional CV.

Tips for writing a resume

These tips are what I’m talking about’s success in marketing comes from the way he was able to find a job in the industry. J’I hope that’they will help you find it too. Although’they are not the genie of the lamp, they are certainly very useful.

Take care of the details

Try to get the job’get your resume in front of the HR person who is trying to fill the vacancy. Think of it this way’In addition to yours, you will see about 200 other resumes. C’That is why it is very important that yours stands out and ranks better than 70% of the others, at least for a first interview.

Don’t be discouraged, I know it’s not about finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend’The resume is a fundamental and main tool when it comes to the job market, so I’ll give you 10 tips on how to write a resume that will put you in the top ten:

Use a good photo on your resume

A good photo does not mean a photo in which you are attractive, the’objective n’It’s not about finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I recommend that you take a professional photo, with a white background and light, so that your face is seen and you look at the other person’before with a kind and calm gesture.

I know that many professionals say that it is better to send mail to this account’It’s better not to have a business email’object that covers the face, that’it is’act like sunglasses, scarves or hats. But I think that’having something that distinguishes you from others can work in your favor when it comes to the interview process’act like a’get the job. We all know, for example, that’Part of Risto Mejide’s success in marketing comes from the way he has been able to find a job in the industry’I’m a professional who is distinguished from all other professionals by his sunglasses.

I don’ mean that you go to a job interview with the sunglasses and the cap, obviously. But if you have a characteristic that sets you apart from others and you are proud of it.

Take care of your personal data

That the first data that we must put in our CV are: name, surname, where I live and your email. It seems to fall out of the drawer, but believe me, there have been many people in the industry who have not been able to find a good picture’I know that many professionals say that sending mail to this account is not a good idea’I’ve seen, who didn’t even know which side to put the resume photo on.

If you don’If you don’t have a work email, it’s time to do so. It would be a little inappropriate to’use the same mail that you had 17 years ago. It’s obvious that the HR person wouldn’t find it funny to put a picture on your resume’I know a lot of professionals say that sending mail to this account is not a good idea.

What’You need to be very clear about what this means and what it means’Is it worth it? ?

That if we know how to use social networks in a professional way, we can reach a large number of people, including bosses, human resources or influential people in the sector that can open a door in the labor market.

C’That’s why I encourage you and tell you that it’s important to write a good resume’s up to everyone to find a job’I recommend that you strengthen your social networks in order to find a job and stand out from the crowd.

Once our social networks are oriented to the professional sector we want to address, it is important to add them to our professional curriculum.

You need to be very clear about what’once you have added the RSS to your CV, you can’t say anything stupid or politically incorrect that could condition your professional life to the future’future. There have been many cases of people losing their jobs by putting inappropriate things on their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. accounts.

A title that defines you

Use keywords that connect you to your industry’activity. If for example you work in marketing, or social media, you could write things like: community manager, content marketing specialist, SEO positioning or wordpress designer. Try to’be as concrete as possible, it will stand out from the other information.

I am leaving you an example of a resume where you can see highlighted the keywords that relate to my area of expertise’activity.

Interesting experience in the sector

Highlight your experience in the industry’one of the sections of the HR program’studies. It is important that you lead the company’Use different keywords, synonyms and words from your experience to the sector you are looking for work in. What I mean by this is that if, for example, you worked as a clerk at Mango, and you are looking for a job in the world of marketing, look for a word that can link marketing with selling products in the store where you worked. It comes to mind’mind you could put something like: customer service and sales of fashionable products.

This way, the HR person will know that you probably have a knack for dealing with people and that you know how to deal with them face to face.

It is important that you’write in the’reverse chronological order, from the first job you held to the oldest. Also use bold type to highlight courses or programs that are most relevant to the sector.

Be as brief and concise as possible

We often think that’It is best to use them’write a program of’This means that we have more than one job for each candidate’You’ll have more experience and therefore more opportunities to apply’opt for the job. But the truth is that it does not’It is important that you lead the company’is of’be brief and concise. If you can count something in 4 words, better than 4 words’a paragraph.

Describe your information, a good resume should be scannable. That the person reading it can see the data in a few seconds. Keep in mind’mind, as we the’we have already said, in addition to your resume will see 200 others, so on average the person from human resources will be with your resume in front of only 7 seconds.

It is important that during this time you stand out from the others.

Don’t repeat data and don’t’don’t use big words’industry.

The quantity is not important’is not better than quality, be concise and do not repeat the same things: Work experience, studies or attitudes. Try to make each section sound different from the previous one, so that it doesn’t sound like it’s the same thing’What does this mean? ? Use different keywords, synonyms and words from the sector you are addressing. Be original and do not fall into repetition.

Make a different CV for each offer

C’it is a good idea to create a resume for each job offer you send to companies. It is highly recommended to’have several CV templates, and that these vary depending on the position you are sending. For example, if you studied marketing, it would be interesting to know’You should have a template for digital marketing jobs, another for marketing jobs, and a third for marketing jobs’administration and finance and another for advertising, among others.

In each of these’If you are looking for a job, you will highlight your functions and strengths, according to the requirements of the job’You’ll be asking the worker questions about your experience.

With attractive but not tacky colors

As we’As we have already said, your resume must stand out from the rest. For this, there is a chance that your resume will not end up in the trash. You do not’You will only have three or four seconds for the HR person to decide if you are still in the pile or not.

My advice, to stand out from other resumes, is to write a resume’We often think of using a light color, such as turquoise blue, for example, combined with white. They are very clean and elegant. This way, you will have a CV that is different from the others and you will give a personal touch to it.

Don’t lie on your resume

I know that we are often tempted to say that he was a great engineer’exaggerate or lie in our resume in order to stand out from other candidates. My opinion is that the’inventing data about your professional career won’t get you anywhere in the long run.

As stated by the’adage, a liar is caught before a cripple. Nowadays, you will probably have to spend 6 months with a contract, either for an internship or for a period of study’essay. And if you put what you know about this and that, and you don’t know anything about this or that, it’s likely that’after six months you will be fired and that’they won’t want to know you anymore. This will waste your time and the time of the company’company.

We all have something to contribute, think about it and highlight it on your resume and don’t be paranoid.

Optimize your resume in LinkedIn

In this century in which we live, the Internet is the most important tool to’one of the most important things and we use more. So at work, it will be no different. Try it on for size’It is enough to have the LinkedIn and the Curriculum Vitae, after all it will be your digital presentation.

Is LinkedIn the new CV ?

We tend to think that’it is enough to’have a CV. The curriculum is very important when’it s’It’s all about finding work, but in a digitized world like the one we live in, it’s essential to have a job’be also on the Net.

For this, there is LinkedIn, the most used professional social network in the world. Today’Today, there are companies where Human Resources are more guided by the LinkedIn profile than by the Curriculum Vitae itself.