• February 3, 2023

How to be strong on fortnite The Modern Geek

How to be strong on Fortnite ?

Victory Royale is the ultimate goal for players on Fortnite. Even if you are a beginner, you will want to win a round and become Top 1 fairly quickly. This is the very basis of the Battle Royal concept: being the last player alive. However, this dedication requires a good preparation on a technical and strategic level.

Then you can become stronger in Fortnite.

Keep the same shortcuts

In general, beginners tend to change their shortcuts frequently. They are indeed looking to find the best combination to excel in the game. There are no better shortcuts for Fortnite.

You will not be able to improve your level by trying different pro settings. These changes will only require you to think before you enter the commands.

However, you are not supposed to create your shortcuts from scratch. You can use the setup of an experienced gamer. However, you will not have to change it afterwards. You can develop your muscle memory and optimize your reaction time.

These reflexes will make all the difference during the battles.

Keeping up to date with what’s new in Fortnite

Fortnite is a world of its own, dynamic and exciting. Moreover, this virtual world evolves according to the scenarios and events of previous versions. You should stay up to date on the game’s new features.

This way, you won’t be caught off guard by recently added weapons or other features.

Deployed in December 2022, Season 1 of Chapter 4 allows you to enjoy a multitude of new features. However, you might be disappointed if you settle for the promising look of the shotgun grenade, for example. Indeed, the potential damage is not enough to compensate for the associated slowness and vulnerability.

You will also be confused by the new map after the in-game event Fracture, if you are not up to date on the new features.

Analyze your games and understand why you lost

Debriefing is an essential step for any competitive activity, including video games. After a game, it allows you to assess your performance. The idea is to identify areas for improvement and to observe the progress you need to make.

This way you can work on your weaknesses in an efficient and targeted way. You will get stronger and stronger, if you can understand the reasons for each defeat.

On the other hand, you can use a tool like Fortnite tracker to see and study your statistics. You will then be able to identify the factors influencing your results and the decisions that will help you progress. After that, all you have to do is maintain the conditions and measures to improve your performance.

Training: Construction & aimed at

Training is a must when it comes to competition. The same applies to the Battle Royal mode, even if you don’t plan to play in ranked games. To gain in performance, you need to practice.

It is quite common to think of a match as a workout. However, this method only allows you to progress in the very long term.

You should rather work on aiming and building to improve your performance quickly. In the meantime, you can possibly play matches to observe your progress and maintain your muscle memory. There are also free maps that allow you to work on your skills in the Creative mode of Fortnite.

You will be able to improve your build and aim.

Avoid big cities

The big cities are very popular with players with strong skills. These spots allow to quickly overtake and eliminate the beginners who rush to the trunk. If you’re just starting out, avoid the most populated areas targeted by other players. The game starts as soon as you are dropped from the bus.

Indeed, dropping allows to discover and avoid the places chosen by the other players.

The best solution is to choose a quiet corner, far from the points of interest. You will be able to use your skills in the game environment, instead of being eliminated when you land. Moreover, this strategy allows you to quietly collect resources that will become precious towards the end of the game.

Follow the current meta

Like previous updates, Fortnite Chapter 4 has created a new meta. This is inherent in the structure and functionality of the game. Specifically, you will be stronger by adopting a certain style of play on the current version, in this case v23.

You will have a significant advantage over your opponents by following the current meta.

On Chapter 3, for example, some pro gamers considered the meta to be in the aiming, rather than in the building. It was then more interesting to rely on weaponry and aim to win games. However, this has changed over the seasons.

You need to know the current meta to be able to follow it and become stronger. In addition, you must regularly update this information.

Analyze your environment

You need to be aware of your surroundings to become more efficient and stay in the Battle Royal longer. For example, noises allow you to spot an enemy, even if he is not yet visible. In the same way, the constructions in progress can be detected through the disappearance of raw materials in the surroundings.

On the other hand, a small target sometimes appears in the background when you use your pickaxe. It indicates the weak point of the element in question. You can then aim it to get resources faster.

And strategically, you have to make the terrain your ally, otherwise another warrior will do it for you.

Get some height

When you are on top, you have a significant advantage over your opponents. You do have a clear view of your environment and your enemies. In addition, this position allows you to use the sniper rifle.

However, you need to be careful with the reduction of the map, if you rely on patience.

You can choose between existing sceneries or constructions to gain height. On the other hand, avoid staying in an open area for a long time. You may become an easy prey for snipers. This rule is particularly important if you have landed some time ago.

Take inspiration from the best players

Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from the best players to improve on Fortnite Battle Royale. Moreover, you now have many channels to watch gaming games (Twitch, Discord, YouTube…). Professionals also give advice on their channels, servers or social network accounts.

On the other hand, you have a lot to learn from an online replay. For example, you can find out the most common setups, if you are at the very beginning of the adventure. These videos also help to get some idea of the game’s meta.

Finally, pro gamers will remind you that the goal is above all to have fun.