• February 1, 2023

Cybersecurity Best practices for individuals

Cybersecurity: Best practices for individuals

After telling you about cybersecurity for small businesses, let’s look at’Today’s best practices as an individual. With a few associates and the knowledge of the right security programs, you will not be able to’For example, companies that are looking for flexibility benefit from the cloud and will not have to make great efforts to surf the net securely.


Known to the general public thanks to various partnerships with famous youtubers or twitchers, the VPN n’The VPN remains a defense of choice to protect themselves on the Internet. The principle of’a VPN is simple. It moves your IP address, which is the map of the Internet, to the other servers’identity of your computer, to a server and transforms it.

Thus, you can simulate the fact that’to be in control’other countries. This allows you to’It is also possible to access content on platforms that are not known’foreigner. But when it comes to security, VPNs also have their advantages.

In the event of an attempted’In order to avoid intrusion, the hacker will be directly directed to the VPN servers before accessing the content’reach your computer. These servers are loaded with information’security and most likely the hacker will break his teeth before he can even reach your computer.

The ad blocker

The advertising blocker combines comfort and security by blocking advertisements that do not appear on the Internet’The AdBlock is not only a protection for the users that unexpectedly appear on the web pages, but it also protects them from cookies and data that are collected by the websites. Totally legal, since’a German court of justice has ruled in favor of the company AdBlock, arguing that this’was no different than leaving the room during commercials on TV, these blockers will be protections that offer great comfort.

Secure platforms

When you download, play or watch something online, it’s always better to use well-known and reputable platforms. For video games, the Steam platform, for example, offers the guarantee of being able to access the Internet’obtain a valid playing field and has a reimbursement policy that favors players. These do not’This is why it is always interesting to check that it has been updated very often to make up for the lack of security.

For fans of online games such as casino games that do not require a download, it is a good idea to have a look at your computer’is Vegas Slots Online that stands out from the crowd with more’one million visitors per month. The platform offers casino games verified by them. C’The most important thing is security, but also the safety of your children’s or your family’s phone’It is important to be aware of the fairness of the game and the availability of customer service that are judged by the platform.

By creating a pre-screening, these platforms offer the best of the game to Internet users and allow them to get the most out of the game’to play with it’peace of mind.


L’Antivirus software is, of course, well known and remains the star of security for individuals. C’is a program dedicated to the monitoring of your computer and the’removal of threats. They are thus very often updated to compensate for the lack of security’incredible inventiveness of computer virus creators.

Often paying, the best antivirus The software offers a high level of security and often offers additional services such as VPN.

Constant vigilance

If of course, these different programs or platforms allow you toimprove your online security, vigilance remains the first barrier. It is important to know how to control them and to check the origin of the sites before using them’engage in a download or in a payment. It should be noted that even search engines like Google or others cannot filter out all the malicious sites on the Internet.

You should always be vigilant when surfing the Internet.

Opinions on the Internet, mutual aid between Internet users

Another good way to protect yourself is to check reviews on a site or a program before going further. The web is full of testimonials and reviews of all kinds on all platforms or sites. If one of them is malicious or promises things a little too well, denunciations and negative opinions will soon appear on the net.

It is therefore always interesting to check that it has been the’experience of others before attempting it yourself.

With these tips and programs, you can surf the Internet without worrying about the dangers that are present on the web. If the Internet possesses an immense wealth of content that is necessary for our entertainment or consumption, we must never lose sight of the fact that this new space, used by billions of people, inevitably attracts malicious people.