• January 30, 2023

How to make eco-responsible promotional items

How to make eco-responsible advertising objects ?

The advertising objects are essential for the success of a promotional campaign in business. They must be chosen with care and meet certain conditions to offer satisfactory results and help you achieve your objectives. Also, because of the important issues of environmental protection in recent years, many companies have decided to opt for environmentally friendly advertising objects eco-responsible advertising objects.

Choose an eco-responsible provider

The first thing to do to make eco-responsible advertising objects is to find the right provider. As you probably know, there are now many companies specializing in the creation of all kinds of promotional items.

So if your promotional campaign is based on eco-responsible objects, you should entrust this work to a professional who has already proven himself in this field. You will be able to choose among the gadgets of its catalog, those which according to you will be adapted to your activity and the objectives of your marketing campaign.

You will have the choice between useful objects such as biodegradable bags, water bottles, or even pens.

If like many people you are wondering how a pen can be eco-responsible, well you should know that you just have to find the right provider. You will find many pen models on the Maxilia website, and among the different ranges of pens made of recycled cardboard or biodegradable material.

You can also trust them to find several other eco-responsible promotional items to use in your campaign.

Choose an eco-responsible provider

Choose the materials for these promotional items

Once you have found the ideal provider for the to make your eco-responsible goodies, the next step is to choose the materials to use. It should be remembered that the material of manufacture is the key element that allows to know if an object is biodegradable or not.

Of course, it all depends on the type of object you wish to offer to your customers. However, whatever the gadgets you choose, you will always find ecological materials to make them. You can choose between :

  • Bamboo
  • Certified wood
  • Recycled materials such as recycled plastic, recycled cardboard, recycled leather.

All these materials are environmentally friendly and therefore allow to manufacture objects whose impact on the environment can be controlled. They will therefore be perfectly suited for the production of your eco-responsible promotional items.

In addition to these materials, you can also use natural textile fibers such as :

  • Linen
  • Organic cotton
  • Hemp
  • Jute fiber, etc.

These fibers are environmentally friendly, but to be sure that they are eco-responsible, you should check how they are grown and processed.

Think about the’usefulness of these objects for consumers

So that advertising objects In order to make sure that your promotional items are eco-responsible, it is essential to ensure that they are useful for their recipients. Indeed, an object that is of no use will certainly end up in the trash, and this will only increase the amount of waste we produce.

That’s why, in addition to promoting your company, your gadgets must have a real use in the daily life of your customers. You will be able to demonstrate your willingness to be a sustainable company that cares about the well-being of our planet.

Some ideas for’eco-responsible objects

Not all gadgets that are effective in promoting a company are necessarily eco-responsible promotional items. Indeed, among the best advertising objects available on the market today, you will find several that are very polluting. That’s why we offer a selection of eco-friendly objects, which you can refer to for good ideas for your campaign.

Bamboo straws

The bamboo straws are eco-responsible objects, because in addition to being biodegradable, they are also very useful. You will be able to find reusable models, easy to wash and keep dust-free. Think of offering a pack of bamboo straws with your company logo for your promotional campaign.

A tote bag

The tote bag is without a doubt one of the best eco-friendly advertising objectssible tasks that you can find. It fulfills all the conditions to actively contribute to the promotion of your brand and your company, while making your customers happy. You can choose the natural fibers listed above to make it, depending on your preferences.

A gourd

There are several models of ecological water bottles available on the market. Their particularity is that they are reusable for life, which inevitably reduces the amount of waste we produce. These are modern and design accessories that you can customize endlessly to promote your company.

A solar charger

The last gadget of this selection is the solar charger. Both useful and practical, it can help reduce our carbon footprint on a daily basis. So you may want to consider this when you’re doing your marketing campaign.

Just like other eco-friendly promotional items, it is customizable and will please all your customers.

Eco-responsible advertising objects are nowadays very widespread. This is understandable, since the protection of the planet is an increasingly important issue. So consider choosing these items for your marketing campaign, to demonstrate your commitment to the fight to protect our planet.