• January 26, 2023

E-Mail Marketing 3 Good Practices to Respect

E-mail Marketing : 3 Good Practices to Respect

To carry out an emailing campaign, a company must continually renew itself and adapt to market trends in order to be effective, while respecting the legislation in force. For this reason, we explain 3 good practices of email marketing to respect if you want your mailing marketing strategy to offer a good return on investment and meet all your objectives.

Good practice n°1 : collecting customer email addresses in compliance with the RGPD

Good practice n°1 : collecting customer email addresses in compliance with the RGPD

Since May 24, 2018, all companies must comply with the new European General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data This is a major responsibility in terms of personal data security, which aims to reinforce consumer control over the collection and use of personal data’use of their personal information.
This law applies to all identified or identifiable natural person through direct or indirect data (name, phone number, etc.).). Before accepting cookies when entering a website or before buying an item online, remember to consult the site’s GTC (general terms and conditions of sale) and UGC (general terms and conditions of use), its privacy policy, the RGPD section and the FAQ, to know how your data will be processed and used.
If the company complies with all the clauses of the new, more demanding European regulation, it will be able to collect the email addresses of its customers, via opt-in (click here to find out more what is email marketing for). It will also be in the obligation toelect a delegate internal or external to the’company, which will have to ensure the respect and the good application of the RGPD in all the services. This new regulation is part of the best practices in email marketing to be respected by all professionals.

Good practice n°2 : take care of the content of your marketing emails

Good practice n°2 : take care of the content of your marketing emails

Acquiring personal data therefore entails the obligation to protect them by respecting the clauses of the RGPD. Only, the more information you will collect on your consumers, the more results you will get. It is therefore essential to plan a marketing strategy in your company upstream of your communication campaign.
Because to be read and appreciated, your marketing emails will have to be relevant, neat, of quality and above all they will have to reach the right targets. By proposing a content, an offer or a news that interests him, you will have more chance to push a user to the Call To Action, in other words: to make it move to action ! The more you know about your customers, existing or potential, the more you can offer them services or products that interest them while personalizing your message You reinforce the relationship you have established with your customers and you encourage them to make a purchase more easily (increase of the conversion rate).
The content of your emails also depends on their nature: punctual or automated. To save time and efficiency, use an emailing software. This will allow you to create effective and reusable email templates and refine your emailing strategy through the analysis of various statistics (discover the major challenges to be met in an email marketing strategy).

Good practice #3: a design adapted to current smartphones

Best practice #3: a design adapted to current smartphones

The form is as important as the content in communication. To offer consumers a design adapted to their habits, you will have to take into account their user experience on your site and create a marketing mailing responsive More than half of the world’s internet traffic will be on smartphones in 2020, hence the need for a more efficient use of dataimportance of the design and the need to offer content that is adaptable to our phones.
The process of receiving and reading emails evolves with the habits of consumers. To make the Internet user want to open your email and read its content, you must arouse their interest by an original, striking and neat design, reflecting your professionalism and expertise. The more attractive the message is, the more likely you are to reach your targets and get them to act (participation in a contest, sponsorship, purchase).
Get inspired by the trends on the web social networks (challenges, contests, surveys) to collect information and create a community on one of them: you will increase your visibility and strengthen your image with the public. Integrate a strategy social media allows you to reinforce the efficiency of your marketing communication campaigns.

To survive in the digital age and social networks, companies must submit to new modes of consumption while respecting a sometimes more restrictive legislation. It is therefore essential for them to constantly adapt to the evolution of the market and its consumers.