• January 23, 2023

How to make a difference with marketing automation

How to make a difference with marketing automation ?

Competition between different companies is constantly emerging due to increasingly diversified marketing strategies. Thus, to face this increased competition, it would be very interesting to make secondary tasks more responsible. You need to free yourself from secondary responsibilities so that they can be taken care of to give you the time you need to focus and get your marketing strategy right.

Indeed, as much as we are, there are days that are marked by endless appointments. They follow one another without you having time to rest because the list of things to do keeps growing. For example, sending emails to prospects, answering questions or publishing new blog posts and much more. However, don’t panic ! There is a solution that not only saves you time but also helps you to make your marketing processes more efficient.

So, this solution will allow you to easily accomplish your secondary responsibilities without making you think that you are robotizing them. This solution is obviously the marketing automation.

What is marketing automation? ?

Marketing Automation is a strategy of using software and web services to execute, manage and automate marketing tasks. For example, with the help of marketing automation, it is possible to send personalized e-mails according to the user’s behavior.

Also, Marketing Automation is often used for the management of marketing processes that are related to the company’s website but also on the company’s presence on social networks. In general, as mentioned above, the system uses the behavior of Internet users to allow the sending of targeted messages from an automatic segmentation according to categories but also scenarios and criteria that are already established.

What can marketing automation do for you? ?

As the expression indicates, the marketing automation is a technique that helps to automate marketing actions according to the behaviors of Internet users well established in marketing scenarios when a trigger is active. Some of these triggers are for example the visit of a given page, the opening of an e-mail, the downloading of a document or the validation of a form and many others.

Marketing automation also helps you to handle a large capacity of exchanges with customers but also with visitors. This shows once again the objective of implementing this technology. The main objective is to personalize the relationship with the visitors or leads and thus create a positive digital experience between the brand and the customer.

Instead of sending the same message (newsletter) to your contacts, which in most cases creates disinterest and fatigue, this solution helps to personalize your messages. Thus, the marketing automation allows you to make micro-segmented sendings in order to send to each contact, a well refined message adapted to his profile and his needs. This strategy will certainly increase your chances to see the contact react, to improve the experience of the latter with the brand but also to consolidate your relationship with him.