• January 17, 2023

How to spy on an iPhone easily with MSpy

How to spy on an iPhone easily with MSpy ?

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Nowadays, smartphones are more and more powerful and offer many possibilities: surfing on the Internet, chatting on social networks, taking videos, downloading applications… You may not know it, but it is possible to spy on these smartphones, and more particularly on the iPhone. So, if you want to protect your children, you can use the famous MSpy.

Here is everything you need to know about this spy software.

What is spyware ?

In order to understand how MSpy software works, it is important to understand what spyware is. Indeed, you should know that in general, a spyware is a software called “malicious”, able to collect information on a computer and on the way the person browses the Internet. This information is then transmitted by internet to a third party.

This software is installed at the expense of the targeted individuals, and the information gathered is often used to harm these individuals. These “spyware” programs circulate on the Internet and nestle in downloaded movies, advertisements, dubious websites… It is very complicated for the affected person to detect the installation of this software… To fight against this, it is recommended to install an anti-spyware software to protect yourself from external invasions.

What is MSpy ?

As you may have understood, MSpy is a spyware capable of collecting data from an iPhone. This software allows you to remotely track the information and actions of a person on iPhone. However, it is worth remembering that this software should not be used to attack someone. Indeed, MSpy presents itself as a “phone monitoring software for parental control”.

It can help you protect your children from cyberbullying, inappropriate content, or simply keep an eye on their conversations and activities.

MSpy can be installed on all iPhone versions. To be able to spy on your child, however, you will need to know his email address and iCloud password. Some parents prefer to warn their children about the installation of this software. Once the target device’s IDs have been entered, MSpy will associate it with your personal MSpy account.

The synchronization of the device will then start automatically. In some cases, physical access to the iPhone may be required (especially if your child has chosen a 2-step authentication to unlock his/her iPhone).

What are the features of MSpy ?

MSpy is a complete parental control solution, which means that parents can monitor and manage absolutely all online activities of the iPhone, but also of the iPad. All this information is accessible by connecting to the control panel. Here are the main features available on MSpy:

  • Call logs: MSpy allows you to spy on call logs to ensure that your child is not being harassed or contacted by undesirable people.
  • SMS: MSpy allows you to see your child’s SMS messages, in order to avoid interactions that could be inappropriate.
  • GPS position: MSpy allows you to know the position of the iPhone (and therefore of your child) at any time. This way, you can monitor their movements and make sure they are safe.
  • Browser history: MSpy allows you to’access the browser history. You can keep an eye on the searches you make and block content that may be dangerous or inappropriate.
  • Conversations and chat: MSpy allows you to follow all conversations Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat … And this at any time.
  • Social networks: MSpy allows you to create your own social networks’access to your child’s social networks in order to monitor the personal information that he shares with his community or that he publishes.
  • Photo and video library: MSpy allows you to create your own photos and videos’access your child’s photos and videos to ensure that the files stored are not violent or offensive images.
  • Other features: MSpy doesn’t stop there. You can also access the calendar, contacts, wifi networks, emails..

As you may have understood, MSpy allows you to have access to absolutely all the interactions and actions of your child on his iPhone. Moreover, the information is updated very quickly (every 5 minutes). You have continuous access to the’activity of your child.

If a problem occurs on the software, you can contact the’Technical support, available 24/7. Finally, you can test the software for free for 7 days to discover the different features of MSpy.