• January 13, 2023

Company bicycles available to companies and their employees

Company bicycles available to companies and their employees

You know the company car, but the company bike certainly speaks to you less. And yet, there is a real need for it ! Yes, today’Today, companies, whatever their activity, can provide their employees with an electric bicycle rental service accessible to all. Practical, n’isn’t it ?

The company bike: the’Ecology and health come first

Indeed, professionals have democratized the company bike by making available to companies and their employees, a rental offer of electric bikes. The goal is to take care of your employees, but also to’environment. The car causes 70% of greenhouse gases during daily trips.

However, in France, 50% of these are less than 10 kilometers away, and in Paris, 75% are less than 5 kilometers away. By using a company bike, it is possible to’save 700 kg of CO2, for you alone and per year. Imagine the’The impact it would have if all your employees were equipped with it ! Thanks to this ecological and practical solution, you will benefit from’a turnkey service, including a premium electric bike, insurance against theft and breakage, regular maintenance, a U-lock and a connected helmet.

And this, at the same price as’a public transport subscription. Your employees can then come to work by bike, which will allow them to take care of their health. Today’Today, a large number of cities have bicycle paths and greenways, so they can pedal in complete safety.

Delays avoided

This mobility alternative will offer them the opportunity to get some exercise in the morning, which s’is really essential for their well-being and fitness. The electric bike is an environmentally friendly way to travel that offers a lot of flexibility to the’use. D’Moreover, more and more people are using them’have adopted in recent years.

This means of locomotion allows you to move effortlessly and without polluting. Equipped with’an engine and’a battery, it will move your employees without much effort. What’s more, they will be delighted to be able to avoid the metro or the bus, which are always full, not to mention the traffic jams. With this alternative, they do not’They won’t be late anymore, whether it’s because of traffic jams or public transport.

Cycling is on average 20% faster than driving during rush hour, which is still a key point in getting to the’time in the office.

L’fulfillment makes you more productive

As the head of’company, you will give the’The opportunity for your employees to feel fulfilled at work. As you know, a happy employee is a productive worker ! So let your employees have access to this practical and ecological company car. In addition, they won’t be’They will see that you put their well-being first, which will improve your brand image. This option does not’This means of transportation will impact your budget, on the other hand, you will have a positive and direct impact on their lives, and this is a major advantage for the development of your business and your customer portfolio, because the people who use this means of transportation will notice that you are placing your products on the market’one does not go without the other’other !