• January 10, 2023

How to set up a well thought user experience

How to set up a well thought-out user experience ?

Companies use all marketing strategies to easily sell their products and services. However, it must be recognized that not all marketing strategies are equally successful. Hence the need to opt for the best. This is the case of the user experience that was born in the 90s. Indeed, the term “User Experience” refers to the responses and perceptions of a person regarding the use or the anticipation of the use of a given product, service or system.

It is therefore a concept that is strongly linked to the psychology of the human being. But how to set up a user experience well thought out given that it is increasingly complicated today to determine a person’s emotional anticipation as well as emotions related to their user experience.

User experience: think about your target

Sometimes, it is possible to notice that visitors scroll through your site without paying attention. This brings to the surface in your brain a series of questions about user targeting, the design of your site, the information you pass on and many others. So many questions that make you think about the user experience of your site or future sites.

The most important thing on the websiteuser experience is to think about your target. To do this, you can resort to the use of personas or either ask your users questions directly to better consolidate your knowledge about them.

This data collected will help you to get the maximum information about your users and to adapt your site according to their needs’them. Also, knowing your target will help you find optimal acquisition channels to prevent bounce rate from being too high. Indeed, the key to the success of any architecture is to put yourself in the shoes of the users.

Also, the more you know your users, the more you know what information they want to have. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the loading time as much as possible because beyond three seconds, users have the impression of wasting their time. In addition, once the page is loaded, the content, the weight of words or photos have an impact on whether or not to continue reading.

Make the’Why do you need a more pleasant user experience?

In order to give the’In order to make sure that the user wants to consult your site without much difficulty, it is essential to make the’more pleasant user experience. To do this, you must make the content pleasant to read by avoiding stretching the pages on the width. Also, certain practices of scrolling the page are to be banished from your site such as scrolling a page from left to right for an online reading or scrolling again from right to left to go back is a painful practice.

Also, it is not recommended to use fancy fonts.

It is also important to avoid the automatic launch of video with sound because it can be unpleasant and sometimes even annoying for users in certain situations. Also, you need to regulate pop-ups on your site and avoid invading users with unwanted advertising because users are increasingly using ad blockers. To make the user experience more pleasant, it is important to make your website lighter, less superfluous and containing useful information with a good design.