• January 9, 2023

How to send an anonymous sms on iphone

How to send an anonymous sms on iphone ?

We send dozens of sms per day. The process is simple, you just have to go to your email, select a recipient, write your message and send. However, it is possible to’send anonymous sms from an iphone’Any mobile device. If you have an iphone, the protocol will be a little different.

Here are the steps to follow to send an anonymous sms with an iphone.

Use a new mailbox

To send an anonymous sms with an iphone, you have the possibility to go through a mailbox. It is then necessary to create a new. Then you need to find out which operator corresponds to the phone number of your recipient.

For this, go to Wikipedia and look for the list of mobile operator prefixes. Once you have created your new mailbox, while keeping your identity secret, press “new message“. Leave the “objectYou can also use a “blank” particle analysis and fill in the information’address of the recipient as follows: phone number, arobase, name of the recipient’operator and add “.en”. You will get an address similar to this one: [email protected]. All you have to do is’write your sms and send it to your friends’send.

L’tip is the same for sending an anonymous SMS from your email account’an Android.

iOs applications to send an anonymous sms

If the mailbox solution does not work for you, you can download an application compatible with iOs to send an anonymous sms. All apps work via the internet, so you need to be connected to send messages. The best known of’between them is Text+, but there are many others’others like Pinger, TextMe, TextNow, Wikr..

Text +

Text + is an inexpensive app that is very complete. You can send unlimited anonymous text messages and insert images or videos. There are different types of’subscribe according to your needs.

You can even make calls from the US or to a US number without paying an overage.

Text Me

Text Me

Similar to Text +, this application allows you to insert images or videos into your text message‘get temporary phone numbers to remain anonymous. You can call n’any number in the world. However, like most anonymous sms apps, Text Me does not allow you to’call the numbers of the police’emergency.


Wikr is a social network that respects your personal data 100%. In fact, to register, you don’t have to be a member’You don’t need to fill in your email address or phone number. Each message is encrypted with a different code for each use.



Whisper is one of the apps that allow you to’send and receive text messages discreetly. Indeed, even the owners of the’Apps can’t access your messages ! In addition, you will not be invaded by unwanted ads.

What’You need to know before using it’send an anonymous sms

What you should know before sending an anonymous sms

Sending an SMS while hiding your identity can be exciting. Nevertheless, it is better to use this service for a positive and benevolent purpose. Be sure to read the legal notices of the applications to protect yourself.

On the other hand, there is no way to know who is behind the scenes’never send anonymous sms to hurt or threaten a third person.

The impact can be significant. Your recipient is not’There is no way to know who is behind the anonymous messages, but the police can easily find out who is behind them track your IP and identify yourself. Telephone harassment is punishable by law up to 15,000 euros per month’fine and d’one year in jail.

It is therefore preferable to’send an anonymous sms to make a constructive joke to a friend. Otherwise, the apps or the’Mailbox tips can be used as a tool to send emails to your customers backup solutions in case you don’If you have no credit or your messaging service is temporarily out of order, you should know this before sending an SMS.

Now you know how to send an anonymous sms with an iphone. You don’you have more than enough time’to write your message !