• December 29, 2022

How to set an animated GIF as a wallpaper

How to put in the background of’screen an animated GIF ?

Over time, still images become boring, even if you change your wallpaper often. So you need another form of personalization to brighten up your Android device. In this case, don’t hesitate to create your own dynamic themes.

Moreover, there are now a myriad of tools to design an animated GIF image or wallpaper.

How to display animated GIFs on Android ?

The GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. Very light, this type of file is easy to share on the Web, like the JPEG format. Thus, these animated images are especially popular on blogs and social media.

By the way, a animation The image of a smiley face is sometimes more eloquent than a smiley, or any other common sign on these platforms. GIFs are therefore very useful in a Tweet, Snap, or Messenger. In addition, they are clearly Less volume than a video.

However, these images usually summarize the content being discussed.

Today, the GIPHY website is the reference in this field. The platform offers a particularly rich library of ready-to-use animated GIFs. You will be able to find quickly images corresponding to your current mood.

These animations also allow you to express your reaction to your interlocutor’s words.

GIFs are sorted by category on this atypical platform. You will have the opportunity to explore your favorite themes and download the most interesting files. You can also upload video content to the site to create an animated GIF.

It is also possible to enter the URL of an image or a clip to make an animation.

In this case, you will just have to enter the link a YouTube video, for example, to convert it directly. The site also provides a tutorial, if you encounter difficulties with your first image. In addition, this portal is now natively integrated with WhatsApp.

You will be able to create and animate photos in just a few clicks, without going to the.

The EZGIF site is currently an interesting alternative to GIPHY. Less famous than the latter, this platform allows to convert images or clips into GIF. This online service also performs video conversions with or without compression.

What are the mobile applications ?

Following the example of the eponymous site, the GIPHY mobile application is a must-have for projects involving GIFs. Thus, this program should be downloaded and installed first on your Android smartphone. The application will indeed facilitate the setting up of a dynamic wallpaper on your mobile device.

Concretely, this tool works like a search engine dedicated to animated images. It allows you to quickly find successful or popular GIFs on the Web. In fact, the application displays the most popular animated photos of the moment right from the start.

In this way, you will have an overview of the latest trends in the field at each use.

Due to its popularity, this application is quite easy to find on the Play Store and download sites. You can also discover various similar programs on the Google platform. That said, GIPHY remains the easiest tool to use so far.

Use the’GIF Live Wallpaper application

Use the GIF Live Wallpaper application

GIF Live Wallpaper is often among the applications suggested by the Google App Store to GIPHY users. This tool allows you touse animated images as wallpaper of an Android smartphone. Download and install this program to make your personalized display more dynamic.

Once the tool is operational, load the chosen GIF file into the application. Indeed, it does not have a dedicated library like the one of GIPHY. You should therefore find or create an animated image beforehand.

To adjust it to your screen, it is sometimes necessary to resize the photo from the menu visible on the left.

Video Live Wallpaper

Video Live Wallpaper

Video Live Wallpaper is just as easy to use as the GIF application. Intuitive, it requires no special knowledge like Photoshop. The tool allows this time touse videos in the background of the screenn.

This feature is not offered natively in Android. Nevertheless, the operating system lets third-party programs make these changes.

In both cases, allow the tool to access photos and folders of your phone during installation. It will not be able to work properly if you deny it access to these elements. You’ll need to reinstall the app to modify your answer in the dedicated interface.

You should know that’it is also possible to create an animated image with the GIMP software.