• December 29, 2022

How to send an anonymous sms on Android Euresa System

How to send an anonymous sms on Android ?

L’sending sms is now possible’today a democratized means of communication. In a few seconds, the recipient receives our message and can reply. C’It is even totally free when you have an unlimited package.

However, the recipient automatically sees your telephone number on the screen’view. How to send an anonymous sms on Android ?

Websites to send an anonymous sms

At first, we will see that’it is possible to’sending an anonymous sms from a specialized site. With your smartphone, go to the browser and look for a site that allows to’send an anonymous sms. Some are free and do not require no registration. Sometimes you will have to watch an ad to send an anonymous sms without paying. Nevertheless, sites like sms-anonym.net allow you to’send an sms in less than’one minute and for free.

When your recipient receives your message, it will be sent to you’is a dummy phone number that will be used to send an anonymous sms’display.

D’other sites are paid and you can send an anonymous sms worldwide and unlimited. To find the site that suits you, search the net and try it out with someone you know.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications

From the’advent of smartphones, the applications are common and there are some for everything. You will easily find a application compatible with Android to send an anonymous sms. D’elsewhere, do you know that’with Snapchat, you can anonymously send a text message ? The only condition is the number of characters (you can’t write more than 140 characters).

In addition, there are applications that specialize in the’send anonymous sms like ImNot.me. You must then choose a name for your message’sender among the list proposed. Otherwise, you can download the’apply TextMe from your tablet or smartphone.

You will get a virtual phone number to send an sms without revealing your identity. The latter will be hidden when the message is received. Your number of free credits is limited and you will have to pay to acquire more.

Finally, you can send anonymous sms to the’stranger.

Create a mailbox to send an anonymous sms

Create a mailbox to send an anonymous sms

The last option that is available to you is the’s protocol is the creation of’a new mailbox. Thus, you can send an anonymous sms while remaining anonymous. This solution is simple and rather fast: the principle is to create a mailbox’send an email that will be received as an sms. The protocol of’sending is the following:

  • create a new email address without giving your real identity
  • n’write nothing in the’object” space
  • In the recipient box, enter the recipient’s phone number, arobase, the recipient’s name and then the name of the recipient’extension “.fr” (example: [email protected])
  • send

If you do not know the name of the’You can find it on the Wikipedia page that lists the prefixes of mobile operators.

Write an anonymous sms: tips and warnings

Writing an anonymous sms: tips and warnings

Send an anonymous sms is easy and fast. However, be vigilant and make sure to. Indeed, if your message is abusive or is perceived as harassment, you will incur up to’to 15,000 euros of’fine and 1 year imprisonment. Keep in mind that you will be anonymous in the eyes of your recipient since’it will not see your real number’display.

However, the police can easily identify you thanks to your IP address. Whether you use an Android or an iPhone to send anonymous SMS.

Thus, you can sending anonymous messages in several circumstances like :