• December 26, 2022

Why choose the right antivirus software for your devices

Why choose the right antivirus software for your devices

It incorporates protection against ransomware, has the most features and capabilities available in the basic antivirus package, gets the most out of its products, and is the most affordable’excellent ratings in all areas in the test’Independent evaluations and provides 24-hour customer service. All these factors contribute to Bitdefender’s solid reputation.

The best antivirus program is Bitdefender

In three independent test series (protection, performance and usability), Bitdefender met or exceeded the best results. Protection tests evaluate the defenses of a device’a program against the most common types of malware, including Trojans, viruses and worms. These most common viruses are all fully detected by Bitdefender.

D’Other useful Bitdefender security measures are also included. When you plug in USB sticks, the’USB immunizer stops any possible malware on them, and the desktop security widget lets you drag files for quick inspection. Bitdefender also keeps your online transactions safe by including a built-in web browser where you can safely enter sensitive information such as credit card numbers, computer numbers, email addresses, and other personal information.

Your Bitdefender antivirus program blocks harmful websites and warns you about “dangerous” search results. In addition, it keeps an eye on respectable websites for fraud and credit card theft and restricts the use of them’access. Bitdefender can also keep an eye on your privacy settings and scan links to protect you on social networks. In addition to its own data filter, Bitdefender also includes additional privacy features to prevent sensitive data from leaving your computer.

What is the’Importance of updating hardware and software solutions?

Following the trends of the current manufacturers d’computers, etc’mobile devices or operating systems’On the one hand, the information, update or upgrade of hardware and software solutions is very necessary, in order to be able to act preventively and reduce the risk of malware’exposure to potential vulnerabilities.

Any wrong update opens the door to malicious hackers, or attackers, who can take advantage of existing vulnerabilities and put all data on a certain computer, mobile device or computer system at risk’information. Only versions suggested and approved by the manufacturer, authorized manufacturers or authorized sales representatives should be updated for each hardware and software solution. On their own devices, users are responsible for upgrading their operating systems’On their own devices, users are responsible for upgrading operating systems.

This is often overlooked, as it’is why hackers frequently target these devices.

Fraud technique – phishing

L’Phishing is a kind of fraud whose purpose is to protect you from malware’Obtaining private data about users, including bank account numbers, passwords for social media accounts or emails. In this type of cyber attack, the target would receive a message via e-mail, social networks, phone or SMS asking them to click on a link or to send a message to a friend’It is difficult to remember to open a document and enter sensitive information.

It is advisable to’s name, address and message content’s name, address and message content’Send an e-mail to the sender every time you receive an e-mail asking for personal information. You will frequently find that’a message sent in this way has security flaws’It’s not a matter of using it to authorize others to use it’official address of the bank or company’a bank or other institution. Check the’URL if you click on a link that directs you to a form to submit personal information, as this will help you determine whether or not the link is an effort to steal your data.

The victim fills out the form and provides his information to the’s computer system are launched’act like an agent’a document or an entry’a legitimate web page from a third party’a bank or other institution’another organization. Distributing documents via email is a method used to conduct another type of phishing. attack. When the victim opens the document, the input processes of the infected computer system are initiated.

The key to security is to keep your’Use strong passwords

IT security professionals point out the’It is important to choose a strong, unique password to protect your many accounts each year. The most frequently used passwords are once again “12345” or “password”, year after year. It is difficult to remember to’A long password that includes upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, of course. However, it is better to’It is important to use one in each of your password management services if you want to remember your password’a dozen or more of these passwords.

They serve as safes where you can save all your passwords so that you can’t be caught out’You may need to remember it than use it in each of your departments’It is important that you know how to access this service and then use it’It is not a matter of using it to authorize others to use it if necessary.

Public networks lack security mechanisms, so they are not always secure’The attacker can see what data your device is sending and receiving from anyone. This covers everything from emails to passwords and pins to online browsing. Access VPN software and services to build a specific secure tunnel every time you need to use a public network (since it’s a public network)’it does not’There is no’alternative).

Your data will then flow safely through this tunnel. Another choice is to avoid using a password’It is difficult to remember to exchange sensitive data over open networks. Last but not least, turn off the wireless network when you are not using it’it is not’is not used on your device.

This will preserve battery life and protect your device from.

Increase your security level to the maximum possible level

Making backup copies of all critical documents and data is the most important thing to do’This is one of the most critical actions you can take to achieve a high degree of security against attacks on computers, mobile devices and computer systems’information.

Important documents and information can be lost for a variety of reasons, including the loss of’The key to security is to protect your computer from theft, damage and loss’exposure to dangerous content.

Regular data backups are the only method to stop document and data loss’information. Backups must be stored on multiple devices and locations.