• December 23, 2022

How to send automatic replies on Twitter The Modern Geek

How to send automatic replies on Twitter ?

In general, messaging services provide automatic responses to indicate that you are absent or simply unavailable. Twitter also offers a similar feature on the principle. However, the option is both scalable and complex. You will have to use the API of the platform.

In addition, you will have to respect its terms of use and its rules regarding automation.

How to send automatic messages ?

You need to use a third-party service to send automatic messages on Twitter. Indeed, the platform does not include a native functionality to perform this type of operation. However, it allows developers to use its API to build solutions that are compatible with the social network.

In addition, many free tools offer to extend your profile options.

Regardless of the solution you choose, you must first register on the service provider’s website. This registration may or may not involve a payment depending on the publisher. In any case, you must ensure that your account is activated before proceeding.

Activation is usually confirmed through a message sent to your email address.

Then, you will have to connect simultaneously to your new account and to the concerned Twitter profile. This procedure will link the two systems. In the meantime, you will be asked to identify yourself to authorize the third-party service to access the social network.

Attention ! You risk a Twitter shadowban or a real ban if you break the rules of the site. Indeed, you are the first person responsible for the actions of any application added to your account.

Quick responses

Quick replies help companies to be more reactive in their customer relations. They allow you to quickly send structured replies to other users via private messages. You can directly choose a response from the list of options offered by the platform.

You also have the possibility to customize the content by filling in specific fields.

However, the Twitter network is particularly strict about setting up this feature. You can only create quick responses using an ecosystem partner. As an indication, the site approves solutions such as Hootsuite, Social Oomph, Hobbynote, Conversocial, Sprinklr or Crowdfire. This limited choice still ensures that the rules for using the Twitter API and the platform itself are respected.

Welcome messages

Twitter allows you to add welcome messages to your account. This way, you can automate the first contact with consumers. This content will be displayed as soon as a user considers contacting you.

In concrete terms, the messages appear when someone opens a conversation window with your profile. You can configure this option via the Twitter private message API in :

  • defining a deep link to the welcome message (a URL redirects the user to a predefined content in the private messages);
  • creating a default message (a specific content will be sent directly to the user who tries to contact you through a private message).

You can add only texts by choosing the default welcome message included in the settings. Moreover, this choice does not allow you to change the default posting frequency of messages. You will be able to embed various media (GIF, video, JPEG…) and customize the settings using the Twitter API.

Beware of flooding and too automatic messages

In its Support Center, Twitter specifies the rules concerning the use of automation on the platform. These guidelines are mainly for integrators and developers of automation solutions. However, they are in addition to the general terms of use of the social network. To summarize the basic rules, you must :

  • Improve the user experience while respecting Twitter’s rules;
  • Use the API of the site to create and integrate automatic messages;
  • Respect the technical limitations of the system in terms of programming;
  • Act in accordance with the site’s developer agreement and policy;
  • Avoid spamming and annoying other members of the platform.

In this context, you should be especially careful about spamming and harassing practices such as flooding. This term refers to flooding other users with unwanted messages. Thus, you need to judiciously adjust the sending of solicitations and the display of automatic responses.

On the other hand, the automatic side of the messages should not be obvious to the recipient. This problem affects the quality of the user experience and challenges the platform’s image. In effect, the network establishes close ties between members, including between businesses and consumers.